About Us

Welcome to the website of farmer Kristupas Valenta. Here you will find all the information about our family’s activities in Galviškės Village.

The farm is situated in a 35 ha plot of land, 25 ha of which is the forest, 9 ha allocated to grasslands and the rest 1 ha is our farmstead.

The main activity of our farm is rearing (breeding, feeding, keeping, attending) of fallow deer, which are similar to sika deer and belong to the Cervidae family. The fallow deer are kept in a dedicated 10ha enclosure, which contains both open landscape and forest territory. There are natural pastures in the enclosure, conditions for the animals to quench their thirst, as well as natural shelters for the animals to hide from summer heat, cold of winter or any other stressful stimuli.

We started this work because of our love for nature, therefore we pay special attention to sustainable development, the aim of which is just the same as ours – implementing significant standards of living, satisfying basic human needs, encouraging harmonious economic development of the farm, without causing any irreversible damage to natural resources, that might manifest itself in future generations.

While creating the farm in our family’s land in Galviškės Village, we strived to live in a healthy, beautiful, comfortable and appealing environment, in concert with nature, whilst developing the business of cattle rearing.

The farm’s website allows you to get to know our products, acquire deer, fallow deer and mouflons. You can also try our services and purchase provender.