Design and construction of enclosures and traps

The choice of enclosure placement has a significant importance in the rearing of fallow deer and other animals. The enclosure or pen is set up in a naturally dry, or drained territory. It should preferably have a natural place for shelter, so the animals can hide from the elements of summer or winter, or other stress inducing stimuli. In case of absence of any natural shelters, artificial walls, haylofts etc., are built. The enclosure has to contain natural or culture pastures for animals to graze on, also places to get a drink of water. If there’s a pond or standing water in an enclosure, it is recommended to periodically add anthelmintic preparation to the feed and vaccinate regularly in order to avoid helminthiasis and other diseases.

The enclosure should contain a catcher with all the equipment necessary for a veterinarian check-up, sorting of animals, cutting of antlers, marking, vaccinating, taking various samples, doing lab tests. The trap is the most important and inseparable part of the enclosure, it needs to be smartly and sensibly designed to fit your enclosure, as well as the kind and number of animals you are rearing. A well-designed trap can ease your workload several-fold, which in turn saves time, recourses and funds.

Our team is ready to design enclosures and traps to fit your needs and landscape, while using the highest quality material to do so. We build various haylofts, observation towers, barns, feed storage facilities. All such inquiries should be addressed to