We recommend adding granulated supplements to the additional animal feed, eg. grain. They usually contain high amounts of protein that are necessary for the animals during the so-called growing period, i.e. spring/summer season. The animal body is exhausted after during. These granules help restore the body mass of an animal. The hinds also require an additional amount of protein after the gestation period and these granules fulfil that need perfectly. High quality protein, vitamins and minerals provide animals with additional energy and extra fat, and helps animals better prepare for the next winter. The supplements on offer are made from organic materials that are part of the feedstuffs, they contain organic compounds of zinc, manganese, copper and cobalt. These microelements are necessary to sustain animal function, including immune system, reproduction, quality of skin, antlers and hooves, muscle growth and development, milk production and metabolism. Moreover, when the animal receives a suitable balance of microelements, it can cope with hard weather conditions better and survive the stress easier, it provides benefits to the appearance of the animals and influences the vigour of the offspring.