In order to create a successful animal farm, one should pay attention to certain criteria:

Breed – our animals come from Gyula Park in Hungary with the recommendations of XCELL genetics laboratory. This is confirmed by the genetic trials of the animals.

Genetics – genetic tests are a must when purchasing animals, the farm’s success depends on it.

Condition – weight, antlers of the animals, subject to age.

Age – animals of the crop are not older than 5 years.

Antler quality – specific, subject to age.

Animals at our farm are fed only natural food. They are reared ecologically. They feed on natural unfertilised grass during summertime. They also have access to small leafy and coniferous trees, brush, branches. They get haylage of natural pastures along with ecologic grains during winter.

In summer the animals get all their food and necessary substances from nature, additionally receiving only salt for licking. Animals receive additional food during winter. Hay and haylage are given without restriction, salt is very important as well. Additionally, fallow deer get oats mixed with granulated feed for deer. 

Compared to deer, fallow deer are more peaceful, settled and cleaner animals. They adapt to the enclosure environment very quickly and grow good antlers in a short period of time, they easily endure winter and are quite resistant to various diseases.

Of all the animals we raise, the fallow deer are characteristically cosy – they gladly take apples and other snacks from your hand.

Our clients will receive all the necessary information. We will also be in contact to consult you and answer any question that may arise.